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Read personal stories from people affected by ADHD, ASD, or related challenges. Find out how they navigated diagnosis, treatment, and getting accomodations. More at


My readers at The Distracted Mom are truly experts at understanding and living with ADHD and many of the co-occurring conditions.  Many of us are parents (or grandparents!) of children affected by ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, learning disorders, and other difficulties. We know what it’s like to raise these kids, to go through diagnosis with them, to grapple with decisions surrounding whether to medicate or not, and to learn the ropes of getting accommodations at school. We face challenges with them, we cry with them, but we also feel so much joy and pride when we see them grow and benefit from the all their hard work.

Below are stories my readers have shared, full of raw honesty, insight, and gleaned from years of experience. Please read through them and stop to comment and let the authors know if their stories touched you! Some of them are bloggers, but many of them are not; they are parents like yourselves who were simply brave enough to share their story with you.

If you find their stories inspiring, please share them with others!

Stories from the Trenches


Guest Post: No One Knows I Have ADD

I have developed systems to maintain a facade at work, but it's like I'm living a double life! I have a secret... No one knows I have ADD.
I should have been a secret agent. Living a double life is something I do naturally. For years I didn’t even realize I was doing it. Considering myself a professional, I have developed my own systems in order to maintain a neuro-typical façade while at work. But I have a secret… No one knows I […]

Guest Post: Stephen's Story

Growing up, I was an easy diagnosis.  ADHD. Medication?  Sure. Until I developed tics. Then my parents took me off the meds, never to return. The thing is, even without meds, I’ve learned how to navigate life reasonably well. I'm a science teacher and a (self)published writer. I've learned pretty fluent French and traveled to […]

Guest Post: How I Missed the Signs of an Autism Spectrum Disorder

She knew and loved her son for all of his little quirks, but she missed the forest for the trees. Read about how this mom finally put the pieces together.
When my chubby, reason-for-living-and-breathing son blew past all of his developmental milestones without hitting them, I believed my mom-friends and the pediatrician, who said “Kids develop differently. It’s nothing to be worried about.” He did eventually reach each one, but generally months behind schedule and after hours and hours of focused attention from both me […]

Guest Post: My Square Peg: Raising My ADHD Son

My Square Peg: Raising My ADHD Son. I am told that my son is “too much.” Too loud, too fidgety, too silly. But maybe my son isn’t confined by “normal." Guest post at
My Square Peg: Raising My ADHD Son A Guest Post by Heather   I have two young sons who are full of life and vibrant energy, big ideas, questions about the world, and frustrations. ADHD is talked about so much these days. Everyone has heard of it, everyone has an opinion about it, yet few […]

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