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Simple Home Solutions for ADHD families. Don't just rearrange your junk, minimize! www.thedistractedmom.comThe secret to a tranquil home is not about organization systems.


Those of us with ADHD have often struggled with chaos and clutter and have difficulty maintaining motivation in dull tasks like cleaning.  Besides, rearranging all your stuff doesn’t fix the problem. It’s not about a rotating schedule of dusting and laundering or a fancy color-coded system for tracking each child’s extracurriculars (though these can be helpful).

It’s about simplifying and reducing distractions.


It’s about getting rid of all the extra ‘stuff’ and the work associated with maintaining it all. It’s about letting go of the over-commitments that keep us from spending time on the things that really matter to us.

My philosophy on household maintenance is that less is best.


I will share with you ADHD-friendly ways for creating easy to maintain household routines, simple ways to find more time for your priorities, and helpful suggestions for maintaining a peaceful home.



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