Falling Through the Cracks: My Guest Post at ADHD Homestead

My guest post over at ADHD Homestead is up.

Head on over there to read more about my personal history with ADHD and all the missed signs along the way…


About Carolyn

I'm Carolyn Mallon, RN, and I have ADHD. I'm also parenting at least one ADHD child, so it makes for quite an adventure! I don't have all the answers, but I certainly share the challenges of many ADHD parents! I started this blog as an exercise to help us improve our game at home and at school. Join us!

4 comments on “Falling Through the Cracks: My Guest Post at ADHD Homestead

  1. Carolyn, your story is truly one of enormous resilience and perseverance. I admire your willingness to come forward with such candor about your personal experiences. Surely your blog will serve to support many parents and children affected by this diagnosis. I myself had the opportunity to attend a seminar in which Ross Greene was the guest lecturer several years ago. A very approachable and intelligent individual, he offered several examples in which CPS was utilized effectively and encouraged desirable results. My former colleague was a very strong proponent of his work. His publications were well known throughout my workplace, “The Explosive Child” having been the book I read prior to his visit to our facility. You’re doing well in promoting his research and disseminating it to those unfamiliar with his technique. Now just out of curiosity Carolyn, what made you decide to go into nursing and how do you plan on applying your skills/knowledge as a medical provider into your work as an advocate for children, adults, and families affected by ADD/ADHD? Do you think your advocacy will extend beyond your work as a blogger? Thank you so much for your commitment to this cause.

    • Thank you SO much for you comment and support. It took a lot of soul-searching before I decided to share my own personal story in such a public way, but I think it’s an important piece of how I want to challenge stigma and the point I want to make about ADHD. It’s a condition that can either wreck you or, with treatment, can be just something that describes a difference in how you work… it certainly doesn’t hold me back now!
      I went into nursing because I felt inspired to help people, and in fact I first went into psych nursing because of my own experiences as a child and teen who struggled with anxiety and depression due to my undiagnosed ADHD. I’ve written a post about it, but haven’t yet decided on posting it. 🙂 I’m not sure where my advocacy where take me, but I really hope to make a difference; truly. It started a few weeks ago with this blog, and I’m already blow away by how much of a response I’ve received!

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