The Distracted Mom on The Real Family Guy’s Podcast: Really Good Stuff!

I admit that I’m new to the world of podcasts, but I am digging them now that I discovered niche topic radio shows that you can listen to right on your phone! I’ll never have to suffer a boring drive again!

Coincidentally, Beth from Smart Girls With ADHD just wrote a post about how she’s been loving podcasts, too. And then I just went and recorded one, so now y’all can listen to me talk in your car or in bed or in the shower or wherever you listen to podcasts. (Just don’t tell me if it’s in the shower because that’s weird.)Carolyn and Trey discuss ADHD and parenting on this podcast. We talk about why respecting your kids is important if you expect them to respect you back.

The Distracted Mom on The Real Family Guy’s Podcast

Trey does the Real Family Guy’s Podcast on the Family Podcast Network. I discovered his podcast after he did an ADHD parenting podcast episode in which he discussed another blog post of mine, Why Punishment’s Don’t Work For ADHD Kids (But What Works Better!).

Trey has a Masters of Science in Psychology with an emphasis on Family and over 6 years of experience as a caseworker and in counseling positions. He’s done a lot of researched-based parenting education, and this is the topic of his show. But what’s great about Trey is that he’s easy-going and favors a practical, loving, and fun approach to parenting! He had me cracking up and spilling the beans about Man Cub’s silliest antics!

Trey believes in boundaries and consequences, but places an equally high value on the relationship parents have with their kids:

“Our motto is that the key to good behavior in our kiddos is relationships.” – Trey

We talked a lot during our podcast episode about my thoughts on the brilliant research of the Gottmans and how respect is reciprocal, and the importance of working with your kids instead of trying to control them.  Plus, tune in to hear the crazy thing little Man Cub did to get himself booted off the school bus for two weeks!!

Listen here! I think it’s a great episode.


Want to hear more? These are a few of Trey’s best episodes:

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You can also download and subscribe to old and new episodes of Trey’s podcast on iTunes for FREE here.

Also, check out the blog from Drs John and Julie Gottman for help with strengthening your relationships – with your kids and your partner: The Gottman Blog

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